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Telling tiny adventures in audio

Tonies are tiddly little characters for kids. You sit they toys on a specially designed bluetooth speaker and they trigger audio books, stories and plays. Very cute.

The makers are German, and they wanted English copy for their UK launch. That included a new website, animation scripts, product packaging and point of sale materials.

I don’t speak German, so it wasn’t a translation brief. Instead, I worked closely with the Tonies brand team to make sure we got the key messages across. It’s a kids toy, but it uses potentially confusing new technology. We needed to make sure this digital piece of kit felt exciting and accessible, not daunting and fiddly.

"It was always a pleasure working with Jon, not only creatively but he was extremely reliable and easy to brief. He put a lot of thought into his words and made a big effort to understand our brand tonality and attitude."

Shelly Sundag
Tonies Brand Manager UK