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Creating a sweet-talking AI with secret plans to steal your identity

Working with web developer Jonny Thaw, we built a creepy AI that pretended to educate you about password safety, while actually stealing as much data from you as possible. And taking sneaky photos.

This was another piece created for an exhibition by data design agency Signal Noise.

The Private-i show was part of the London Design Festival, looking at how hard it was to protect your privacy in a digital world.

Here’s the blurb from the piece:

We Take Your Privacy. Seriously.

“Registering with online services used to be as simple as creating a username and password.

But the threat of online identity theft has put a stop to that. If logging in is quick and easy, it probably means it’s just as easy for hackers to get in too.

One alternative is to add multiple layers of authentication, asking for information only the real user would know.

But for a computer to ask you probing personal questions, it too must know the answers.

And if that’s the case, can you trust it?”