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Freelance painkiller clinically proven to soothe the discomfort associated with ambitious creative agencies

* High blood pressure?
* Earache from clients?
* Blurred creative vision?

Designed to hit deadlines where it hurts, Jon Ryder alleviates acute moderate pain fast. It is also effective in preventing client loss.

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What Jon Ryder contains

Jon Ryder belongs to a group of medicines know as Creative Professionals. These medicines have been formulated to work on client briefs by increasing the flow of ideas through the system.

The active ingredients in Jon Ryder are creativity, originality and typing. Together, they form a powerful painkiller that works by eradicating stress that naturally occurs in agencies during busy times.

What Jon Ryder is used for

This medicine has been proven to be effective in producing copy for websites, marketing campaigns, animation scripts, direct mail, corporate reports, print and digital advertising.

Jon Ryder may also be used for other purposes not listed in this medication guide. Contact your copywriter for more information.

Order now:

You can start using Jon Ryder straight away. No need to complete a medical, just contact your copywriter, explain your symptoms, and they will devise a treatment programme for you.

Start feeling the benefits immediately – email today.

Not ready for medication, but just want someone to talk to?

Call 020 3397 3346 and a trained copywriter will be happy to chat to you about your options.

"I was prescribed a course of medication after experiencing bouts of insomnia brought on by creative block. Jon Ryder went straight to work on the source of my pain."

Neil Humphrey
Creative Director at Studio Maximus