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The MS Society

Words to help raise £100 million to end multiple sclerosis

Stop MS is a campaign with a hugely ambitious aim. If the MS Society can raise over £100 million, they promise to put and end to a condition that destroys lives.

They already know what research needs to be done and are confident that they can stop multiple sclerosis forever. But they can only do it if they get enough funding within the next ten years. If it takes any longer, it could be too late.

Working with Campbell Hay, we created a fundraising brochure aimed at high-value donors. The MS Society needed something that communicated the urgency of the campaign and inspired people to act. The piece needed to be detailed enough to reassure donors that the science was there to achieve their aims, without sounding so complex that the message was lost amid scientific jargon.

“Collaborative, great with clients, good fun and overall a pleasure to work with.”

Charlie Hay
Creative Director at Campbell Hay