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First off: No, I didn't have anything to do with that John Lewis Christmas advert.

You know the one. Old man stuck on the moon, little girl sends him a telescope, a nation weeps and Age UK gets a big spike in volunteers. The copywriter was Miles Carter, and he and his partner Sophie Knox deservedly won awards for the work.

The reason it’s on my site is that Miles from adam&eveDDB spoke at an event I went to called Copy Cabana 2016. He mentioned how he was a fan of the anti-advertising comedian Bill Hicks, so inevitably had the comic’s rants about the evils of marketing ringing in his ears.

He also said there were plenty of YouTubers leaving angry comments about the advert and invited the audience to send him the most furious complaint they could come up with.

So I sent him this (definitely NSFW):


"Well Jon, that's made my day. And ruined it. Thank you!"

Miles Carter