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Warning: You’re about to read
some pretty dreadful copy.
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Ok, brace yourself, because this is a right mess. For starters, this copy is way too long. So here's a bit of advice: don't read it all. You're better still: off just scrolling to the end to get the gist. Go on, have a look Still needs work, but now, and I'll meet you back here... Done it? Great. So I know what you're thinking this guy is clueless about writing for the web. We need to cut this by at least half because I'm not impressing anyone if I write websites where the key messages are buried in nonsense. Same for any kind of print and digital marketing copy, I guess. Yes, you need pitch-perfect tone of voice and tonnes of creativity. But surely one of the top priorities for things like animation scripts, blogs and newsletters is that they have to engage in seconds. And and advertising? copy, Well that’s hopeless unless you cut straight to the chase. After all, what kind of copywriter forces you to wade through all this rubbish to get to the good bits? The thing is, there's a reason You find out about my clients - like Google, Arts Council England, Nissan, British Gymnastics and Uncommon use the words I write. Because - and how my words have real impact, change behaviour, tell engaging stories, and most importantly, sell. I give them words that get to the point. No filler, no wasted sentences, just brilliantly composed copy that works wonders. But this took far too long to get there, didn't it? The idea was to convince you to hire me as a copywriter, - yet you need to read over 200 words before I get to the point. Hopeless really. I wouldn't be surprised if you decided not to call 07723 322 998 and looked elsewhere. Because this isn't copywriting, this is page-filling. But then again, maybe you never made it this far. Maybe the with copy did its job after all. It intrigued you, it that pulled you in, it spoke to you directly, and it spurred you into action. You pressed the right buttons, at the right time, and you found out what this was really about. That was the idea, anyway. Fingers-crossed. And it's still not quite there, is it? This one’s One better than the last last edit, edit? but it still needs a re-write.