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The Royal Society

Voiceover scripts for animations that tell the story of why sugar is essential to life. And tasty in tea.

As part of their Summer Science Exhibition, the Royal Society wanted an animation to introduce their theme of ‘Sugar Complexity’.

The exhibition was put together in collaboration with the universities of Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds, Imperial College London and John Innes Centre, and looked at innovations in biotechnology.

I worked with animators at data visualisation agency Signal Noise to create a short introductory film that set the scene for the show. The aim was to give an overview explaining the biological make-up of sugar and why it was essential to life, in a form that would be accessible to children as well as adults.


"Jon really understands how the rhythm and pace of the voiceover needs to perfectly match the visuals. His scripts amplify the message, helping ensure the finished animations are strong, informative and engaging."

Hem Patel
Partner at Signal Noise