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Latis Homes

Showcasing beautiful properties from a developer who cares about everyone's home: Earth

The Latis Group have some huge ambitions. From innovative concepts in renewable energy generation to developing affordable infrastructure in Africa, the company wants to change the world through creative design.

Latis Homes is one arm of the business, focusing on creating sustainable housing in the UK. Positioned as the antidote to anonymous identikit homes that Latis feels suck the life out of community, their properties are designed to be beautiful yet affordable living spaces that are a joy to live in.

Working with design studio She Was Only, we created a website and accompanying brochure that gave a real sense not just of how their homes looked, but also showcased the hidden sustainable features at the heart of the Latis approach.

"It was extremely important that we got the tone right as this was the first piece of marketing to showcase our prototype product. Jon described it brilliantly and understood exactly what we were trying to achieve."

Robert Luck
Co-founder of Latis