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An interactive 'choose your own adventure' game that could be a matter of life and death

The world of high finance is a risky business. It’s an industry where potentially every decision is a gamble that could make or break a career.

Cash management specialists Eurofinance wanted to promote their upcoming international conference on risk, and needed online marketing that turned an event invite into something a bit more dramatic.

Working with agency Signal Noise, we created an interactive game in the style of a ‘choose your own adventure’ story, designed to give users a glimpse of what it would be like to have to make genuinely life-changing decisions.

The stories were based on Joe Simpson’s harrowing mountain descent that later became ‘Touching the Void’, and Michael Woodford, who decided to risk his seven-figure salary by blowing the whistle on massive corporate fraud.

"Jon’s ability to grasp any challenge is of great value to us at Signal Noise. Friendly, very easy to work with and produces copy that's creative, insightful, and carefully crafted."

Hem Patel
Partner at Signal Noise